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The Seattle Business Immigration Attorneys at CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC understand that obtaining an employment visa to live and work in the United States can be a daunting task. Our law firm assists clients to negotiate the complicated statutory requirements to enable U.S. companies to hire and maintain the foreign workers that its business requires. Our Seattle Business Immigration law firm in Seattle offers free consultations to ascertain the client’s needs and to determine the best course of action to realize that need. We offer the professionalism and experience necessary to guide clients through the complicated filing process.

Non-Immigrant Business Immigration

United States businesses frequently need to hire foreign workers to fill positions for which no U.S. worker is qualified. Every year, the United States welcomes thousands of such temporary foreign workers and entrepreneurs to its shores. Before legally working in the United States, all foreign nationals must first obtain permission to do so in the form of a visa. The type of visa depends upon the nature of the work the foreign national will perform. Each visa has different requirements, conditions and authorized periods of stay.

Most non-immigrant business visas require that a company sponsor the worker, and the sponsoring company will have additional requirements depending upon its size.  For example, companies with fewer than 100 employees must be prepared to show the U.S. government that it is financially stable and able to pay foreign workers reasonable wages. Other visas, such as the E-2 Treaty Investor visa, allow a foreign national to sponsor himself or herself.

There are numerous business/work temporary visa options available to foreign workers or entrepreneurs, including the following:

  • B-1 Temporary Business Visitor
  • E-1 Treaty Trader
  • E-2 Treaty Investor
  • L-1 Intra-company Transferee Executive or Manager
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa
  • R-1 Temporary Religious Workers
  • Change of Status

Business Immigration Lawyers Seattle

Employment-based immigration is the process by which foreign nationals who possess skills and talents needed in the United States can obtain U.S. lawful permanent residence. Every year, the U.S. government makes available a limited number of employment-based immigrant visas to qualified applicants. There are five categories of employment-based immigrant visas, each involving a multi-step process with requirements specific to the category and annual limits. The Immigration and Nationality Act divides employment-based immigrant visas into five preference categories. U.S. Lawful permanent residence may be available to foreign nationals who can demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the respective preference category under which they are sponsored. The basic requirements of each category the foreign national must possess are outlined below.

EB-1 Priority Workers

  • Extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics
  • Outstanding professors or researchers
  • Multinational managers and executives subject to transfer to the U.S.

EB-2 Professionals with Advanced Degrees or Persons with Exceptional Ability

  • Advanced degree professional
  • Exceptional ability in the sciences, arts or business
  • National Interest Waiver

EB-3 Skilled or Professional Workers

  • Skilled Workers (minimum two years training or experience)
  • Professionals (at least a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent)
  • Unskilled Workers (less than 2 years training or experience

EB-4 Special Immigrants

  • Religious Worker
  • Broadcaster
  • Iraqi/Afghan Translator
  • Iraqi who has assisted the U.S.
  • Employee of an international organization
  • Employee of the Panama Canal Zone
  • Physician
  • Member of the Armed Forces
  • Retired NATO-6 employee
  • Spouse or child of deceased NATO-6 employee

EB-5 Immigrant Investors

  • Qualified individuals seeking permanent resident status on the basis of their engagement in a new commercial enterprise

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