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Due to the complex and ever changing laws governing trusts and estates, it is imperative that an individual take measures to protect his or her assets and to ensure that the interests of their loved ones are protected. The attorneys and professionals at CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC provide comprehensive assistance to individuals, families, large corporations, foreign individuals and entities in a variety of Estate Planning matters. Our legal team has applied its extensive experiences, knowledge of United States Estate Planning laws, regulations, and procedures to numerous Estate Planning matters. We strive to achieve our client’s goals and have achieved consistent record of success in doing so.


Dying without a will could prove very costly to one’s heirs and beneficiaries and disruptive to families, loved ones or businesses; however, our attorneys and professionals at CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC recognize that most people are hesitant when it comes to planning for their demise. That is why from our very first meeting with a client we strive to replace anxiety and uncertainty with clarity, confidence and reassurance by working closely with a client at every step in the process. Once we come to understand a client’s objectives and needs, our attorneys then develop a clear and comprehensive plan to achieve them.


Our attorneys are ready to assist you in the following areas of estate planning:

  • Wills and Trusts;
  • Revocable Trusts (also known as Living Trusts);
  • Irrevocable Trusts;
  • Financial Durable Power of Attorney;
  • Health Care Durable Power of Attorney;
  • Health Care Directives;
  • Probate and Inheritance;
  • Will Contests;
  • Guardianship;
  • Business Succession Planning;
  • Community Property Agreements;
  • Cohabitation;
  • Wealth Management and Trust Funds;
  • Prenuptial, Postnuptial Agreements; and
  • Other Forms of Property Agreements.

At CHUNG, MALHAS, & MANTEL PLLC, we take great pride on the fact that we are able to effectively assist clients in wide variety of estate planning matters. Our attorneys provide responsive legal advice and planning to individual clients as well as to large corporations and foreign nationals hailing from all over the world.

No matter how big or how small your estate may be, proper Estate Planning will ensure that your family or business is provided for and that your final wishes are achieved. For clients with substantial wealth and assets, our attorneys focus on creating a customized and comprehensive plan to maximize estate, gift, and income tax savings for your beneficiaries through a variety of instruments, including but not limited to trusts and limited liability corporations.

For clients with a more modest estate, we endeavor to avoid intestacy or a lengthy probate that may result in increased costs and fees, such as bond fees, personal representative fees, attorney’s fees, accounting fees, and other miscellaneous fees. The avoidable extra fees will consume a higher percentage of the testator’s estate, resulting in a lower inheritance for beneficiaries. In addition, if a testator has minor children or other dependents, a well-drafted will would ensure that a guardian and trustee chosen by you and not the court will take care of your their financial and physical well-being after you have passed.


Unless you have experienced legal counsel working for you, Estate Planning can be a complex and stressful process, full of pitfalls and uncertainty. By working with our experienced legal team, you can potentially save yourself a great deal of time, money, and frustration and instead focus your attention on your future. No matter how simple or complicated your estate planning requirements might be, our firm is competent and ready to help you to make informed decisions.

Let us at CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC put our extensive legal knowledge at your service to assist you in ensuring that your wishes are met and that your assets are securely preserved for transfer from one generation to the next. We offer free consultations and are available to anyone in need of our services. Call us today at (206) 264-8999 for a consultation.

Our client roster is as diverse as our staff serving them. Languages spoken by our professional and support staff include Arabic, Berber, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

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