Firm Overview

The attorneys of CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC have honored the Latin phrase, “Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam,” which translated into English means, “I shall either find a way or make one.” The founding partners of CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC, have united their skill, experience and vision to use the law as a sword and a shield in their quest for justice through the rule of law. This law firm, and the attorneys and staff that compose it, do not shrink from any legal challenge or opponent, but rather embrace every opportunity to serve as devoted advocates and judicious counselors in the most complex and challenging cases.

The lawyers of CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC are strategists and are profoundly committed to both working hard and working smart to achieve the best results for our clients. Our reputation for success in litigation, commercial transactions and international law stems from our ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ legal matter and to calculate our adversary’s next step with disciplined forethought. More importantly, we take pride in our work and consider every case, every client and every bit of work we perform a privilege and an opportunity to highlight our talents and to set the standard of service that other law firms worldwide will use as their model.

With today’s technological advances and evolving industries, CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC has been approached with the magnificent opportunity of representing not only American businesses and individuals, but individuals and businesses from overseas seeking to forge strategic alliances in the United States in mutually beneficial ventures. Our lawyers have been able to accommodate our overseas clients and American clients through the firm’s understanding of various cultural expectations and through the firm’s own diversity. In fact, whether you are engaged in a  multi-million dollar international contract or seeking representation here or in another country, we are able to serve our clients in variety of languages, including Arabic, Berber, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Whatever language you speak and no matter how simple or complex your case may be, we at CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC  will either find a way or make one so you can feel confident knowing that you have chosen first class legal counsel.