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Criminal fraud and as well as embezzlement charges in the city of Seattle can have different titles, which differ in the defense strategy. If you are accused of fraud, it is necessary to hire an attorney who is well-experienced in handling cases such as these.

The law firm of Chung, Malhas & Mantel, PLLC is one of the best groups in Seattle that handles criminal cases such as embezzlement charges and fraud. The firm is composed of highly skilled staffs who are well experienced in managing cases and crimes that are related to these matters. It is very important for the group to defend the rights of their clients by pointing out baseless accusations that could punish the wrong people or people who do not deserve such harsh consequences. These days, when fraud and embezzlement takes place, subpoenas are usually issued throughout a group or company in order to bring out any possible crime involvement. This type of practice is very damaging to the integrity of the accused, which is why the attorneys of CMMR demands for more from the courts.

One of the best things in working with the company is that the clients are always provided with free consultations in order to discover and identify the needs and provide an aggressive strategy that can be used in the court room. The group also treats their clients individually since they believe that no two cases are identical to each other. This allows the lawyer to provide appropriate time and effort to handle each issue seriously. The attorneys will also demand more from the prosecutor to reveal more proofs and evidences that the client is indeed guilty. It is not acceptable for prosecutors to simply bully the accused without even giving enough facts to support the accusation. If the prosecutors fail to give evidences, then the charges should be dropped immediately.

The Fraud and Embezzlement Charges

These crimes can be classified in different categories. One of the goals of the attorneys is to ensure that the client is not charged with these crimes through condemnation.  We make sure that each client should be treated innocent until he or she is indeed proven guilty.

Most allegations can cause the professionals a huge disadvantage in the workplace. Aside from this, it can also prevent them from excelling in their work and career. In fact, these charges can truly destroy the integrity of the accused and destroy the trust of everyone that is involved.

Charges that involve fraud can occur in different categories including mail, bank, credit card, securities, mortgage, wire, money laundering, and embezzlement.

Helping Clients Acquire Success

The Seattle attorney office of the CMMR is dedicated to help their clients get the best possible outcome from their cases. It is one of the group’s goals to help their clients get back on track and enjoy their normal lives. These charges can cause severe damage to the character of the person, even if he or she is not convicted.

Now that there are already a lot of embezzlement stories that flock the news, a lot of prosecuting lawyers are looking for people they could file these charges at. However, the CMMR group will not tolerate this kind of practice that could definitely affect the quality of life of the clients. This is the reason why a higher burden of proof is necessary to be qualified by the state.

All lawyers in this firm are not only knowledgeable and well-versed about Embezzlement and Fraud crimes.  They are also trained to show compassion and care to their clients. Because of this, the firm also offers expungement services to make the lives of the accused easier.

Call the Firm First!

If in case you are charges with Embezzlement and Fraud, it is advisable not to respond or talk to any investigators or police. Instead it would be best to contact the attorneys at Chung, Malhas and Mantel, as soon as possible. The firm will immediately assign a criminal lawyer to assist you in your case and make sure that you get your life back as soon as possible. It is true that fraud and embezzlement are two very serious cases in Seattle. Because of this, it is part of the firm’s duty to help relieve the anxiety and solve the case the best way possible. You can call the office right away to ask for further details at (206) 264-8999.

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