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How To Do Business In Washington State

Why Washington State? Starting a new business or entering a promising industry is always an exciting and challenging undertaking and Washington State is the right location to start, grow and expand your business ventures. It is a unique place where new ideas, nurtured in a dynamic and business-friendly environment, become international icons. Companies like Starbucks, […]

“A Cabin and a Sash for Molly” – The Chronicles of Mr. Mantel

Molly had squatted on the damp parquet flooring of the forbidding old cabin a long time before contacting our office.  Indeed she stared at the cobwebs festooned on the walls until white dust completely covered her eyelids prior to summoning the courage to call: her energies were exhausted.             After her grandfather’s death her life […]

Your Rights Under U.S. v. Windsor – NEW Brochure Release

CHUNG, MALHAS & MANTEL, PLLC, is pleased to release a new publication detailing a few of the rights and privileges extended to same-sex couples following the unprecedented Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Windsor on June 26, 2013. This informative brochure covers rights and benefits in regard to Immigration, Asylum, Family law, Estate Planning at […]