CMMR Attorneys Successfully Obtained The Treaty Investor (E-2) Visa for a French Hairstylist Woman Entrepreneur

CMMR is pleased to announce the grand opening of PARIS SUNLOR SALON LLC, a French hair salon located in Seattle. CMMR has successfully obtained a Treaty Investor (E-2) visa for Phalla Sun-Lo. The Treaty Investor (E-2) visa, along with the Treaty Trader (E-1) visa, is available to non-immigrant nationals of a country with which the United States maintains a “treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation” The purpose of these two visas is to attract foreign investment into the U.S. and to promote either trade in goods, services and technology, principally between the U.S. and the foreign national’s home country or direct investment in a business in the U.S. Both visas allow the U.S. to attract expertise and talent from abroad while benefiting the local community by hiring local employees.

To read more, please review the coverage story from the Seattle Chinese Times at the following link: