Jordan and the Syrian Refugee Crisis – Dr. Dima Malhas (Guest Speaker)

Managing Partner, Dr. Dima N. Malhas, Esq., has been kindly invited by the Global Affairs Center of the Shoreline Community College as a Special Guest speaker on Thursday, January 30, 2014. Dr. Malhas will lead a discussion related to culture and worldviews of Jordan. We look forward to interacting with professors, students, and other attendees.

The influx of Syrian refugees finding refuge and asylum in the Jordanian camps near the border (more than 600,000 Syrian refugees) bears economic and legal impacts to the country’s resources and calls for international assistance. We therefore welcome this unique opportunity to bring forward and raise awareness on a critical refugee crisis and discuss International Law options applicable to this situation.

For more information about the Shoreline Community College, Global Affairs Center – Evening Symposia, please visit their website here.

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